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As our name implies, lighting and signs are our specialty. What’s more, these electrical components are among the greatest consumer of electric power in most facilities. The scope of our solutions includes:

  • New Construction - for new construction and building remodels we work alongside the design/architect to review their lighting plans and specifications


  • Facility Audit – for existing facilities that are seeking to optimize their lighting while reducing their carbon footprint and corresponding electric power use, we visit your site to document and grade existing lighting and signage.


  • Engineered Solution – using the results of the audit, your floorplan and any additional information that you provide regarding the quality/quantity of existing lighting vs. needs, our engineering team will determine the optimum lighting configuration and vendor-specific fixturing and controls to deliver the light you need at the best available cost.


  • Rebate Optimization – one of the most important financials considerations associated with lighting today is the rebates offered by local electric utilities. There are two methods of determining the available financial support through rebates: prescriptive and custom.

Prescriptive Rebates are computed on a one-for-one replacement basis. For example, for every 4-foot 32-watt T8 fluorescent lamp that you replace with a 4-foot LED tube, you receive a $4 rebate. Most lighting contractors use this method because it is simple. But it doesn’t optimize the dollars available.


Custom Rebates go beyond the one-for-one approach and actually compute the energy being consumed with the existing fixture and the energy that will be consumed by the replacement fixture. This approach provides an incentive for the lighting designer to spec the most energy efficient product in order to maximize the rebate dollars. Regency uses a Custom Rebate approach.

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